Halong bay tours - Sail back in time

Enjoy a spectacular cruise on a traditional wooden boat is an unforgettable experience for visitors travel Halong Bay. As a local tour company TravelHalongBay.com offers a wide range of cruises from budget to deluxe. Travelers can choose an overnight trip on board the cruisers or a day trip to Halong bay from Hanoi, A typical tour to Halong bay usually lasts 2 days start and finish in Hanoi, travelers can also take 3 day trip if you want to have more time to enjoy the beauty of the bay with entertainment activities such as kayaking, swimming or relax on secluded island beaches around Halong bay, Cat Ba island and the neighboring untouched Bai Tu Long bay
If a join group tour is not your preference and you want to have some privacy with your customized itinerary you can consider a tailor-made family tour or if you are a couple on a honeymoon holiday a private charter cruise is recommended. Just contact our enthusiastic and experienced travel consultants and you will find all useful guide and information to prepare for your trip to Halong Bay.