The best of the cruises are offered here with choice of boats, destination and activities. Glorious Ha Long Bay is a must when you are visiting Vietnam, so do it in style!
If you want a more varied experience and wish to stay on an islands and do more kayaking and trekking then you may like to try one of these action packed tour.
Bai Tu Long Bay is equally beautiful but has fewer tourists. Kayaking, swimming, trekking and cooking are all on offer and there is more chance to meet the local people.



Halong seaplane experience is one of the things you need to bring if you want to have interesting and exciting experiences
The beaches in Halong is an extremely attractive destination in the summer for both domestic and foreign tourists
Should you go to Halong bay this time? Why not? Maybe you are too familiar with a cool Halong in the summer
We will introduce to you 5 most beautiful fishing villages in Halong bay that you can visit on a cruise trip
To admire and explore the beauty of Lan Ha Bay, kayaking is the most ideal choice because this is a means
In addition to providing fake information and poor quality services, some companies also use the form of
High quality passenger minivans pick up at home with customers in the inner city of Hanoi or Long Bien.
Finding a good hotel is definitely a matter of concern. We will introduce 6 best hotels in Halong city.
From our own experience we would like to share the best seafood restaurants in Halong city area.
Let's take a look and see the most favorite beautiful homestays in Ha Long city, Quang Ninh province.
Early on Monday morning we were back on the bus for the four-hour drive to Halong Bay to the north. As the rainy, cloudy weather continued.
After lunch, we enjoyed the scenery and each other's company. It was blissfully overcast keeping the heat away both days we were on the water.
I was on a tour that took a short boat ride to Cat Ba Island. Have you ever seen King Kong where they stumble across that mysterious island in.
After 40 minutes of sitting in the dock we finally pulled away. Our guide came on deck and started to tell everyone about the legend of Halong Bay
On second day we were dropped off very early at Cat Ba island, the largest island in Halong Bay. Our mission- a 6km trek through the interior.
For those wishing to explore Lan Ha Bay by wooden sailboat, there is no better option than 2 or 3 days spent on-board one of Oriental Sun???s wooden traditional cruises. Lan Ha Bay, while not as famous as its bigger brother Ha Long, certainly lacks nothing in terms of the gorgeous scenery that the region is famous for, and comes with an added bonus of being somewhat more remote, meaning the gorgeous views are even more untouched and pristine.
This tour comes in two styles; either a 2-Day tour both visiting Lan Ha Bay and spending 1 night on-board, or a 3-Day tour that also includes an extra night on-board as well as some time spent trekking on nearby Cat Ba Island
FROM USD $362/person